Top new girl from Thailand, 20yo 158cm natural D cup, Young pretty student, Slim sexy body, Girlfriend feeling, Open mind service


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  1. xse3n3rgy
    xse3n3rgy says:

    Thai Kiki

    Hi Bros

    Was around town on a Friday and thought I would try Kiki. I honestly thought she could be someone else given how ML’s move around. Wasn’t who I thought but she is pretty nonetheless.

    She seemed shy but good english and friendly.

    She reallly short but petite with enhanced C’s D’s? Not really good with sizes. Body is tight.. not skinny but not fat just really soft girly shape I really liked it. Hight probably 154cm 48kg.. not certain but light. And just my type (bros if you have any recs i like short petite girls PM me)

    part 1 – was decent she on all fours and did get quite a few nots out. Not the the best but decent enough to enjoy.

    transition – this was a little strange as she did the soft fingers and blowing air really close to little bro was nice. she seemed shy so thought might be a dud but kept being friendly with her

    part 2-3 – then extras brought up and quite a few options, was feeling toey soooo 3 pineapples it was. (There is a bed in the rooom)

    I got to say at offer and go ahead I carried her and threw her on the bed (gently) and it was awesome a lot of GFE no DFK so respeccted that but everything else was awesome. She very willing and pushed back and kissed and honestly for me felt like I was back at uni hooking up with a crush or first time with a girl you been dating a while. CBJ, grinding and kissing everywhere but the mouth but still decent. She got really wet after a while but I feel like I got her over the line as she tigthened up a bit.

    Alll through was very playful and I enjoyed it,,,, lots of flirting, giggling pressing against each other. YMMV.

    Not certain if always on offer but if you seem friendly and non threatening / be a gent not a tosser part 3 seems to be on offfer.

    WIR — definitely but wannna try a few others… Thai Nami looks good anyone tried yet?

    KIKI on Fridays onllyl


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